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Once every half term Hamilton School holds a parents/carers meeting. This is on a Tuesday morning. It starts at
9.45am and ends at 11.30am. We have tea, coffee, and biscuits. We discuss everything from sensory issues to home learning to taking your child to the supermarket. We look at places you can take the whole family and we get your input on upcoming events and what you would like to discuss at future meetings. We have guest speakers that come to discuss specific things. We have plenty of time to chat so you can ask us and each other any questions that you may have. Look out for the flyer in your child’s home school book for the next meeting

All meetings held upstairs @ 9.45am

Tuesday 19th September
Tuesday 7th November
Tuesday 16th January
Tuesday 6th March
Tuesday 24th April
Tuesday 12th June


Parents meeting 18th Jan 2018

We had a very good session for our first parents meeting of the New Year and covered a variety of topics. We firstly discussed upcoming workshops that we will be run throughout the year, these include: toileting, communication, home learning, sleep, sensory processing and attendance. Please look out for the flyer in your child’s bag.  

During the parents meeting we also looked at what maths looks like at Hamilton, this was shown to parents through resources and work children produced in their maths boxes, which are catered to their individual learning needs. This included shape sorting, two times tables and learning fractions and much more.  Parents showed a curiosity in the types of resources used and wanted an understanding of how to replicate this at home. This was then further explained, as parents can use any resources available to them at home in order to teach their child maths.

We have previously spoken about concerns parents/carers face while at the doctors, including getting appropriate appointment times that benefit your child and extra support during your appointment. We mentioned the learning disability register, which can help support parents/carers at the GP by providing parents/carers with extra time and support during the appointment, provide you with easy to read information and provide additional support to make appointments.  

If you would like further information please click on the link: https://www.mencap.org.uk/sites/default/files/2017-02/2016.209%20Dont%20miss%20out_Supporters%20Guide_online%20version%20%28003%29.pdf

Finally, we discussed the consultation letter that parent/carers received in their child’s bags about Hamilton becoming part of a cooperative trust. I stressed the importance for parents to read all documentation and to attend the meeting on Friday 26th January 2018 held at Hamilton or one in their local area to gain a better understanding. Parents also expressed their views regarding the document to fill out, which I strongly encourage parents to fill out and send to school for Monday 29th January 2018 to express your views on Hamilton becoming part of a trust.

Thank you for attending and continuing to support these parents meetings. We look forward to seeing you at the next parents meeting on the 6th March 2018, please look out for the flyer in your child’s bag. If there are any particular topics you would like to discuss in the future please let me know.  

Sarah Clark


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