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An afternoon of rapping poetry and beat-boxing with Kurly McGeachie

It is always fantastic to hear from a creative contact who offers us a donation of their time.  Kurly McGeachie was a Birmingham Poet Laureate Finalist in 2016. He came highly recommended by our 2DF teacher Debbie Fleetwood. When I had my initial meeting with Kurly, I could tell from his positive energy that 2PS were in for a real treat.

We began our afternoon with a “meet and greet”. The children were quiet, well behaved and a little anxious. One child even said “I can’t sing, I hate singing, I can’t do this Miss Serge.” With some familiar staff reassurance and encouragement, and a couple of minutes of Kurly’s positivity, this child was having a go, joining in and smiling at me!

The afternoon with Kurly, one microphone, one speaker unit and his iPad was just inspiring. The children worked in pairs and small groups with Mrs Karim and Kurly for up to 30 minutes each, and the quality of work and level of participation, even from our quietest class members, was inspired.

Please do watch the video taken in the first five minutes of meeting Kurly.

If you would like to view the video of 2PS performing their track, please do ask to come in and see it.

Do have a look at Kurly’s website as it gives a great insight into the breadth of work he does. www.kurlyspoetry.com


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